Corfu Trail Guide
Corfu Trail Guide

Update on the Official Guide to the Corfu Trail

New versions of the Corfu Trail Guide are in production and are set to debut in February. Two products will be on offer.

Please note that the above products are official and are ONLY available here. All other so-called guides to the Trail are at this stage INCORRECT. The people producing these incorrect versions do not have access to our updates. Some of them have made up their own routes, meaning their version diverges from the true and official course of the Trail.

The Official Guide to the Corfu Trail is produced by the Trail’s Founder and Developer, Hilary Whitton Paipeti, who remains dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of the Trail.

Walking in Corfu
The Greek island of Corfu is a walker's paradise. From the bare karst of Mount Pantokrator's high summit to the rich Ropa Plain, from endless rolling hills cloaked with olive trees to sand dunes studded with junipers and valleys choked with oak and chestnut trees, its offers a myriad of diverse landscapes, so that around every corner another scene stuns the eye. Except around Corfu Town and in certain tourist resorts, vast tracts of the island remain hardly touched, and sleepy villages seem to belong to an older era. Peace blankets the land. The best time for walking in Corfu is spring, when the wild flowers carpet the ground, and autumn, when the summer heat has diminished, and a new flush of flowers emerges with the first rains.

Walking on the Corfu Trail
The Corfu Trail is Corfu's long-distance walking route. Established in 2001, it runs from Arkoudillas at Corfu’s southernmost tip to Cape Agia Ekaterini at the island's northernmost point. Since the most dramatic scenery and the biggest concentration of highlights are in the north of the island, the Corfu Trail takes walkers in a south to north direction.

Waymarking the Corfu Trail
The Corfu Trail, approximately 220 kilometres long, is waymarked in strategic locations with yellow signs, bearing the letters CT and a directional arrow. Between signs, yellow paint markers confirm the route. The waymarks are renewed every two to three years, but it is impossible to ensure they will all be in place at any one time.

PLEASE NOTE: Way markings for the annual mountain marathon race are similar in colour to Corfu Trail signs and are causing confusion. These signs follow the Trail in a very few places, such as in the ascent of Pantokrator, but otherwise take a completely different route. They are mainly north to south, whereas the Corfu Trail takes a generally south to north direction. The marathon signs are bright (fluorescent) yellow/lime green, plastic and small (3 cms x  3 cms approx.). The Corfu Trail signs are larger metal plates in yellow (below), or yellow paint markers and blazes. Make sure you follow the correct ones!

The Companion Guide to the Corfu Trail
Using the Companion Guide to the Corfu Trail, the walk takes 10 days to complete. (You may, of course, create your own schedule.) We have designed the Guide in pdf format so that each day's information and guiding notes are on a single A4 sheet (the exception being the last day, which takes up two sheets). The maps which accompany the notes are at the end of the pdf file are cross-referenced with the day they apply to. You may wish to laminate the sheets for ease of use during your walk.

Updating the route of the Corfu Trail
As a buyer of the Guide, your name and email address will be kept on record, and you will be sent FREE UPDATES upon request. Changes may be necessary due to bulldozing of footpaths, asphalting of tracks or development, or they may be implemented when we find a more attractive way.

Financing the Corfu Trail
The Corfu Trail was financed partly by the European Union’s Interreg II programme and partly from a private source on the island. It is administered by a non-profit-making trust, and income from walkers, who are requested to contribute five euros for use of the Trail, is ploughed back into maintenance and improvements to infrastructure.

Accommodation on the Corfu Trail
Accommodation can be booked on the Corfu Trail route through the designated expert agent Aperghi Travel, which will also arrange for luggage transfer. If you use this agent's service, the schedule is slightly different to the one published here, and you will be supplied, free of charge, with a version of the Guide that will match your programme. Email Aperghi Travel or call them on 0030 26610 48713.

An article about The Corfu Trail
To read the article, written by The Corfu Trail's founder, Hilary Paipeti, click here. (Hilary was also the editor of The Corfiot magazine, now discontinued.)

Walking the Corfu Trail by John Waller
Three septuagenarians walk the Corfu Trail in eight days. They photograph flowers and sample Corfiot cuisine. Each day their local guest-walkers tell their stories. Find out more about this book.

Other walks in Corfu
To complement the Companion Guide to the Corfu Trail, the Complete Book of Corfu Walks is also available as a pdf download. This guide contains nearly 100 walks all over the island, most of them circular, varying in time from 30 minutes to several hours. Alternatively, depending on where you are based on Corfu, you may prefer to purchase one of the six regional guides I have put together: Walks in North West Corfu; Walks in North Corfu; Walks in North East Corfu; Walks around Paleokastritsa; Walks in Central Corfu (North); Walks in Central Corfu (South). A guide to walks in Corfu's Deep South is under preparation.

Plant Lists
Flora Ionica - An inventory of ferns and flowering plants of the Ionian Islands.
Corfu Flowers - Photographs showing many of the island's flowers, identified and named by a botanist whilst walking the Corfu Trail.

Wish to know more about Moraitika and Messongi, two of the most attractive seaside villages in Central South Corfu? This guide will tell you all you need to know.

Properties For Sale on the Corfu Trail: Walking Houses for Walkers
Would you like to own a house on the Corfu Trail, in or near one of the traditional villages that this long-distance walk passes through? To live on the Trail full-time or for holidays? Perhaps to make a rental income from walkers, or from other visitors seeking the real Corfu? We have old village houses, modern homes and villas, and potential conversions to holiday cottages and B&Bs, as well as land for development. Prices start at 15,000 euros.
Please browse our portfolio here. Scroll down to see properties. Click on property photo for full description.

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